3 Best Ways to Keep Your Handmade Rug Always Clean

Though handmade rugs are breathtakingly beautiful, cleaning them can be a tough job. Their delicate fibres and threads made it difficult for many rug owners to try different remedies. One wrong step and you can damage your flooring. That’s why hiring a rug cleaning service is the best way to secure the beauty of your authentic rug. However, here are some of the ways to protect the vibe of the flooring:

1. Vacuum Your Handmade Rug with Care 

Vacuuming is a simple method to renew and preserve your handmade rug. Clean the entire flooring in this manner, but flip it over and vacuum the bottom and the floor below many times. You might want to perform a much more effective job once a year: beat the rug outside, draped over something substantial like a fence or clothesline, or face down on your yard. Vacuum all sides with an upholstery attachment, using brief strokes to remove and collect the loosened dirt.

Avoid using a power or spinning head since they are far too harsh and may harm the carpet fibres. For the most advantage, make sure your vacuum cleaner’s filter is newly emptied – a version with constant pressure is recommended for this sort of task because the fibres in your rug can soon clog traditional filter systems. Finally, softly spray both sides with a non-staining household pesticide to avoid moth infestation.

2. Protect the Rug from Moth and other Infestations 

If there are any signs of moth damage or infestation, you will need to conduct a more thorough job as soon as possible to prevent additional harm to the structure of your rug. The same is with dried-on muck or deeply entrenched filth. It’s preferable to work on your flooring on a firm surface, such as a large coffee table, although a driveway or patio can also suffice.

Also, ensure your lighting is adequate – seeing what you’re doing is critical to success. Work over tiny parts of the carpet at a time with short quick strokes, both in the direction of the pile and against it – you must be cautious.

In such cases, we recommend seeing a rug cleaning Hobart specialist. These professionals can help you get rid of those infestations and secure your flooring without complications.

3. Hire Professional Rug Cleaners for Annual Cleaning 

Vacuuming and protecting your rugs is not enough without the best rug cleaner’s advanced cleaning. To extend the life of your handmade flooring, you should hire professionals at least once a year. They deep clean the flooring and make it look like a new one. Now imagine having a rug that looks new every year. Isn’t it amazing? 

Handmade rugs are prone to dust, dirt, stains and allergens. But, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a solution. Follow these three tips, and you will do fine. Your handcrafted rug is an art created by a skilled maker. Take care of it, and it will last longer than you expected.

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