5 Practical Ways to Keep Your Commercial and Residential Rugs Clean

Do you want to keep your rug always clean? Here is a guide for you to follow. Along with commercial rug cleaning, add some practical cleaning tactics to your routine. Follow these tips, and you will see the results! 

Keep Sharp-edged Furniture Away From Rugs

If you have put furniture on top of your carpet, be sure that the legs of the couch, table, or chairs do not penetrate the flooring’s fabric. All furniture will leave dents in the rugs it is placed on, but some may do more damage than others. If your flooring is sensitive, you must exercise extreme caution while placing furniture on it. More frequently than not, flat bottoms, such as vases, are preferred.

Don’t Allow Stains to Set in the Rug

The best method to keep rugs clean, especially those that claim to be stain-resistant, is to wipe up spills as soon as they happen. Soapy water is frequently effective. In a recent piece, we discussed how to remove stains from your carpeting without using chemicals. You might wish to go there for some fantastic suggestions on how to get rid of these stains.

But, whatever you do, don’t clean your rug with a scrape or a brush with harsh bristles. Floorings are sensitive items that require gentle maintenance.

Vacuum Properly 

Many people speed through vacuuming, making only a few fast passes over an area, but this seldom removes much of the dirt trapped just below the surface. As a result, when vacuuming, take your time, working gently in a criss-cross manner and making repeated passes over each piece of rug. To fully enter the carpet fibre and lift debris, each pass should be conducted from a different angle.

Don’t Use Footwear on Rugs 

Our footwear, which has accompanied us to every part of the city, has picked up who knows what from numerous places. We could wipe our shoes on the doormat before entering the home, but we’re concerned it won’t accomplish anything.

If you walk on a rug while wearing any footwear, expect a significant amount of transfer of filth, allergies, and germs from the sole of the footwear onto the carpet’s surface, where they will stay and proliferate. Even if you clean your rugs regularly, why would you want this to happen to them in the first place? So, make it a policy not to wear shoes on floorings. 

Hire Commercial Rug Cleaning Services 

Commercial rug cleaners are experts in cleaning all types of rugs. That’s why even after applying various practical cleaning ways, you need professional cleaning at least once a year. 

These professionals are well-trained, experienced and certified for the job. So, let your rug have the best cleaning treatment annually. You can also ask experts for more such tips, next time they visit your home or office. All these tips are applicable for both commercial and residential floorings. So, follow these tips, and you won’t have to worry!

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