5 Super Easy Tips to Restore the Beauty of Your Old Rug

Are you sad about how your old rug does not look as fresh and clean as it used to? Sure, we understand what you are feeling right now and guess what? We even have a solution to rejuvenate your old flooring. Read these tips from a rug cleaning specialist, and you will get the solution.

Tip1:Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming is the best way to keep dirt and other pollutants at bay. So, include vacuuming cleaning in your routine. Vacuum your rug twice a week. Vacuum your carpet as frequently as you sweep, clean, or dust your hard surface floor. It doesn’t matter whether you can’t see the dirt, footprints, dust, crumbs, dander or hair because it’s still there! Allowing any of that to burrow down into the carpet pile will lead to an unpleasant scenario.

To swiftly remove dirt, dust, and grime, you’ll need a vacuum with exceptionally high suction. Weekly vacuuming is not excessive. Twice a week is far superior.

Tip 2: Remove any indentations left by furniture

You may accomplish this with the use of ice and a brush. Moving furniture may cause ugly dents in your rug, giving it the appearance of being older and more worn than it is. To remove them, take an ice cube from the freezer and set it over the dent. Then, gently scrape the pile with the brush, repositioning it. (It’s important to note that using a hairdryer on high heat to melt the ice will harm your flooring!) If you need to expedite the process, use a hairdryer set on low heat.

Tip 3: Clean Stains Immediately 

Sugary beverages, sticky food, oil, pet pee, and dung are the scourge of beautiful rugs. If you don’t want to despise your flooring, remove spills as quickly as possible when they happen, and then deep clean the area.

When spots are allowed to remain for an extended amount of time, they become stains, and stains are difficult, if not impossible, to remove. If you have an old rug with old stains, we recommend a rug cleaning service. Professionals can delicately clean your flooring and protect it against future spills with their stain protectors.

Tip 4: Use Vinegar and Baking Soda for Cleaning 

This old-fashioned method, which is affordable, works wonders to restore dingy rug piles. Use the baking soda with a stiff brush first (rub it in well, moving in all directions). Then, let it overnight to absorb odours and bacteria. The next day, vacuum it up, spray it with water and vinegar, then brush the pile up. In a few hours, your flooring will appear as fresh as new, and the vinegar smell will gradually dissipate.

Tip 5: Hire Professionals to Rejuate Your Old Rug

Regular professional cleaning saves your rug from germs and other contaminants. It also protects floorings from stubborn stains. Hire the best rug washing Melbourne company, and you will see magnificent results within a few hours. 

We hope you find this post helpful. Get ready and give your old rug a new look!

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