Hood Evangelist – What She Said About Kirk Franklin’s Son In Her Video

The son of gospel singer Kirk Franklin, known for his connection to the music industry, has been arrested without bond in Los Angeles for his alleged connection to a murder of a missing woman.

The actor was arrested at 7:36 A.M. on Sunday, April 10, and he was booked into a Los Angeles County jail at 10:28 A.M., where he is currently housed.

Hood Evangelist, a famous YouTube blogger with more than 2 million subscribers, spilled details of the arrest on her channel. She said that Kerrion was wrongfully arrested after being stopped for his taillight.

Hood Evangelist:

Hood Evangelist is a famous YouTube blogger who takes viewers on an in-depth journey through the Bible. He explains both its meaning and how it relates to our modern-day world.

She released a video about Kerrion franklin arrested.

In a video uploaded by Hood Evangelist, the evangelist talks about how he was wrongfully arrested and stopped. He claimed that this was because of his taillight. She also mentioned that he was wrongfully arrested because of being stopped.

According to the Hood Evangelist blogger, her sources told her that the taillight was not the main reason why Kerrion was arrested. Instead, she is allegedly stopped for driving a car that belongs to a woman who has been reported missing and is believed to have been murdered.

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