How to Achieve Success in CBSE Class XII?

Here in this article, I have provided subject wise tips for students of CBSE Class 12 Science Medical Stream. After reading this article I hope you will be able to prepare your syllabus as per your goal. Here I will suggest you that how can you prepare well in Class 12 Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Class 12 Preparation tips for Physics

Physics is a crucial subject not only for board exams, but also for competitive exams. You should read and practise physics from your school textbook on a regular basis (Eg: NCERT). You must strike a proper balance between numerical and definitional or theoretical problems.

Follow NCERT Book

Examine the NCERT book. It is the most important book for the class 12 Physics board exam. The NCERT book covers every topic on the exam’s syllabus. Practice each worked-out example, graph, and diagram, particularly-

a) Astronomical telescope, compound microscope, and reflecting telescope ray diagram

b) Diagrams for various devices such as the cyclotron and potentiometer, to name a few.

Learn Physics Derivations properly

Most of students faces problem while proving derivations of class 12 physics. If you feel that you are among these students than follow Class 12 Physics Notes. With these Physics Notes you will able to learn each derivation in very easy method and in minimum time.

Class 12 Chemistry Preparation Tips

Chemistry is easy subject but mostly students face problem in chemical reactions and reaction mechanisms. Chemistry consists of three parts; Physical Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

For medical student Physical chemistry is considered typical. So, for proper preparations students are advised to follow Class 12 Chemistry Notes.

Prepare short notes of Chemical Reactions

Get detail study of inorganic reasonings.

CBSE Class XII Biology Exam Preparation

Students taking Class XII always have one big question in their minds: “How to excel in CBSE Class XII?”

Biology is the most important subject in Class 11th and 12th for students interested in pursuing a medical career. This article will focus on things to remember while preparing, as well as provide some insight into the scope of biology in biotechnological fields.

Follow the NCERT Syllabus

In CBSE, the biology paper is worth 70 points (theory), and the weightage of the individual chapters is as follows

Make Neat and Clean Diagrams and notes

Preparing notes while teaching would be extremely beneficial in a conceptually dependent subject like Biology. It not only aids the process of remembering the terms while writing, but it also aids the student’s last-minute preparation strategies. A question may have a complex theoretical answer, but by drawing the necessary diagrams, it can be reduced to a simple explanatory answer (case in point – DNA structure, cell biology etc.).

Chapters such as Genetics and Biotechnology must be thoroughly understood in order to be simple. They go hand in hand and should therefore be prepared together.

Go through Papers of previous years

It is a good idea to sit down and write the previous year’s exam and sample papers with a timer set to simulate exam day. This will aid in the creation of time management awareness and will relieve stress caused by the availability of less time in answering theoretical long answer type questions.

Practical examination

If one pays attention in lab classes, one can easily score 30 points on the Practical exam. Even though you will be assigned lab partners, it is critical to gain first-hand experience because the final examination will only be given in this manner.

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