Is It Difficult To Remember The Quran?

Quran Memorization is one of the noblest deeds. The status of a Hafiz is also encouraged in Islam. But this great position comes at a cost. Just like you, many Muslims desperately want to memorize the Quran. A lot of challenges may fence in front of you and make the target difficult for you to achieve.

You may be thinking why is memorizing the Quran so tough. What are the hardships that are faced by the students while memorizing the Holy Quran? Why can’t you memorize the Quran despite placing in so much effort? We will try to discuss all the things one by one. At last, we will also let you comprehend how to memorize the Quran online and avoid these difficulties.

One of the main questions that arise in the mind of every Muslim is how to memorize Quran and not forget it throughout your life. we will also shed light on the reasons why people forget the Quran after memorizing it with heart.

While this may appear like a very tough task, there are some strategies you can adopt to remember all the verses you memorize.

What Are The Reasons That People Forget The Quran?

Not revising is one of the main reasons for forgetting the Holy Quran. Revising each verse you memorize repeatedly is the best solution if you don’t want to forget the Quran.

Also, Muslims who are not native Arabic, have difficulty remembering the Quran due to language barriers. Because they are rarely familiar with the meanings of the sentences, they mix the verses and then forget the Quran altogether. 

Factors that make it so hard for you to memorize the Quran

Lack Of Belief

In the Holy Quran, there are 114 chapters and more than 6 thousand verses. Memorizing and then saving all of them in memory may make you think it’s impossible. You may have several things in your mind, this lack of confidence and no self-belief will make your mind believe that you cannot do it.

The most common problem among several candidates of Quran memorization. If you have lack confidence in something, you unquestionably can’t do it. Believe in yourself first and seek help from Allah and make dua. 

Language Barrier

Arabs can easily memorize the Quran during the time of the Holy Prophet(saw). It’s not because they have a very strong memory or they were hard workers. The language factor has played an essential role in it.

Millions of Muslims are not native Arabic. This diversity of the Arabic language comes up as one of the most prominent challenges because individuals don’t even know what they are memorizing.

It is hard for the students to memorize thousands of verses that are not even in their language, that’s where they find it difficult to memorize the Quran.

The Easiest Way To Memorize The Quran?

Firstly, you should try to pray five times a day and stay away from the prohibited things in Islam. Also, make sure you use your free time effectively and do not waste your time on activities that are not necessary. 

Choose a time

Choosing the best time plays a very important part while memorizing the Holy Quran. According to many Professionals, memorizing the Quran Early in the morning is the best time. In the morning after fajr, your mind is fresh and anything you will put in it will last longer.

Set the lowest goal

If you will not set a goal for yourself then it will be very difficult for you because you will have no idea how to memorize and how much to memorize.  It is very significant to set objectives and have approached so as not to get diverted.

It’s important to also stick to a routine, which means that you don’t miss a single day. As if you were setting daily or weekly goals, you must reach the destination. The process of memorizing the Quran won’t be suitable for you unless you stay consistent.

How To Hifz Quran Online?

If you are glancing for an online Quran teaching academy for memorizing the Quran online, there are multiple online Quran academies are available. They can help you memorize the Quran online no matter where you live. And provide you with the best and professional teacher. 

After a pandemic, and pedophilia cases around the world this is the easiest and safest way of memorizing the Quran.

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