Meet the next gen singer and music artist entertaining audiences with his tracks, Hootan Hashemi.

Proving his prowess as a top-class Iranian singer and music professional is Hootan Hashemi whose recent emergence in the music space has been humongous.

When we glance several industries and its growth ratio, the youth, social and digital domain has played vital role in the growth of each respective fields. When we talk about music industry, it has shown tremendous growth in past decades. Music is a huge industry where massive artists perform their expertise whether it is in folk music, DJ, hip-hop, jazz and many more. Music is a place where artist is catering with a huge platform to explore their music craft globally. No doubt it is equally competitive as there are massive artist who have set high goals of work. But some young individuals like Hootan Hashemi have successfully establish themselves in the industry with its mesmerizing voice quality and pro music rhythm sense.

His determination, passion and consistent performance has made him master of his blessed art. He entered in the industry on the basis of his music skills without any Godfather. His recent songs have created a lot of buzz all around like – Voce o Amor e Eu, Te Pego Tome, Por Te Amar Demais, Pedacinhos, O Tempo nao, E Agora, Dancando Forro, and Cheshm Badoomi. These all songs have broken many success records. The astonishing success of his songs has firmed his position in music industry and made him the most familiar name among millions of audiences. The love and support of his fans has inspired him to work more and more hard to create a consistent unique music craft.

Though his success journey come across massive obstacles, but his positive attitude of learning new thing each day and expertise has helped him to learn from his mistake and develop his overall experience. This quality enhances the only goal of his life is to be a marvelous music artist. His melodious voice has power to attract more and more listeners and engross them in his music creations.

Keep entertaining yourself with his music creation and mesmerizing voice on his Spotify

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