New Radiation Detector Claims to be A Must for the Health-Conscious

Radiation is energy emitting from a source and travelling at light-speed through space. The energy possesses a magnetic field, an electric field, and wave-like properties. It is a mutagen and can consequently cause cancer. It can either damage DNA in cells or kill the cells outright. When it is present, high-energy particles travel through the body. They can be detected via hefty professional radiation-detection devices that can be extremely expensive and too cumbersome to easily carry around.

Psi Savior claims to be able to rectify this issue by way of a personal radiation detector known as Rad Guard Nano 1. It is a compact radiation detector that automatically identifies radioactivity. The company claims that it is a must-have for the safety- and health-conscious. It’s a light-weight, small, low-power-consuming gadget with long-lasting measurement abilities. The device is especially pertinent given that in 2021, Japan stated that it was going to release over 1,000,000 tons of wastewater contaminated via the Fukushima Daiichi incident into the seas. Although scientists are somewhat divided with regards to how safe this move is, it is arguably best to stay cautious. Psy Saviour’s device could be the key to doing this. Check the company’s Indiegogo page at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rad-guard-nano-1-smart-nuclear-radiation-detector#/ where it is attempting to finance the detector or its website at www.psisavior.com.

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