Struggling To Keep Your Rug Clean? Here Are 6 Tips You Need To Know

Keeping flooring clean all the time is a tiresome job. But, a few tips and tricks from rug cleaning experts can make this easy for you. All you have to do is – add these tips to your cleaning routine. Have a look:

1. Avoid Using Chemical Cleaners

You wouldn’t dump harsh chemicals down the drain to destroy the waterways, so why would you think of using them on your rug? That’s especially critical if you have children or pets. Avoid using synthetic cleaners on your carpeting and in your house. Aside from being harmful, they also cause micro-damage to the rug and contribute to its degeneration.

You’d be shocked how far white vinegar and bicarb soda would get you when it comes to eliminating stains. If you must buy cleaning products, opt for plant-based or biodegradable ones. These are a much safer option for both you and the environment. Also, when you are looking for professional rug cleaning services, hire a company that uses green solvents. 

2. Don’t Use Shoes on Rugs 

Wearing shoes on your rugs can wear it faster. To extend the life of your floorings, we recommend only wearing socks or slippers throughout the house. Also, have your guests remove their shoes before walking on the rug. As a result, less dirt and debris are scattered on floorings, and they stay cleaner for longer.

3. Vacuum Regularly 

Vacuuming your rug twice a week can keep dirt and soil particles at bay. By doing this, you can keep your flooring’s surface clean. However, only vacuuming is not enough. You should rotate your rug once a year to avoid colour fading. Also, protect your flooring from harsh sunlight, water or moisture. Dampness can cause mould, mildew and other germs. So, be careful and take care of your flooring.

4. Get Rid of Stains As Soon As Possible 

No one enjoys a stained rug, but the longer you leave them, the more difficult they become to remove. When cleaning up a spill on your flooring, dab rather than rub, since this may cause the stain to get deeper and worse. If you remove a stain as soon as it appears, it is less likely to remain on the rug. Be cautious about what you are using as a cleaning solvent. 

5. Use Rug Protector 

Rug protectors prevent future spills from seeping deep into your flooring’s fibres. That helps you keep the carpeting clean without deep stain removal treatment now and then. With this, you can extend the life of your flooring. 

6. Hire Professional Rug Cleaning Services 

It’s worth getting your rugs cleaned professionally (twice a year, according to the study). Now, most of us wait till they’re filthy, don’t we? Don’t let it get that far. Make it a point to thoroughly clean them twice a year by hiring a rug cleaning professional.

Follow these tips, and you will always have a clean and hygienic rug on your floor.

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