Top Symptoms and Treatments for Spermarrohoea

Do you have semen leakage? If you have this problem, treatments could be needed that could remove it. So, we have some top treatments that can help with the reasons for this problem. We will try to discuss treatments for spermatorrhea that can solve the problem.

Symptoms and Treatments for Spermatorrhea 

Top treatments for spermatorrhea can help remove any reason behind this issue. Some of its top symptoms are

  1. Diarrhoea is one of the top problems that accompany this issue. You may have such a problem when you are treating it.
  2. Another problem with spermatorrhea is Yin deficiency, which is a type of dryness. In this health condition, the fingertips of the heels would start cracking and splitting. On the other hand, the skin of other parts of the body may get dry.
  3. Men also suffer from involutory semen discharge in this problem. This symptom also brings weakness to the body.
  4. Some men would also have a loss of appetite and experience emotional stress and lack of concentration.
  5. The experts believe that men can also experience fatigue, itching, and irritation around their genitals. Men also lose semen in urine.
  6. Some men would also have back pain, indigestion, and constipation as symptoms.

These symptoms are commonly seen in people with such problems. You must try having results with methods close to nature. 

How to Treatspermatorrhoea

If you are looking for natural methods to treat this sexual health problem, you can try the following


The experts believe that the use of exercise for spermatorrhea can solve the problem. They say that a nice exercise routine can help improve overall health alongside sexual health. This means they can have improved health to get results for sexual problems.

Homeopathic solutions

Homeopathic medicines can help improve such problems. You can use it for effective results and as a proper solution for spermatorrhoea. Men who do excessive sexual activity may use it. Moreover, its use is effective for men who are not married and have depression and mental distraction.

Men who have diminished sexual power, low libido, and itching in the genitals may try it as a solution

Caladium seguinum 

Men with mental states and headaches can use it. Men would have its indication if they have stomach problems and have acrid vomiting. In such a condition men have erections when they are half-asleep and they may need penis relaxation during excitement. 


GelsemiumSempervirens is an effective solution for dermatological problems. But, you can also use it for neurological problems that may appear in symptoms like headaches, muscle pain, which may work for anxiety. These symptoms exist in spermatorrhoea, so you can use them for that.

Nux vomica

You can use this medicine for lean and irritable men who have gastric problems with involuntary sperm emissions. This medicine is effective for easy sexual excitability and pain in testicles. Moreover, you can use it for 

painful erections after intercourse and smegma secretion behind the head of the penis. The experts believe that such symptoms occur due to excessive coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, and lack of sleep.

Selenium Metallicum

You can use this medicine for seminal loss during bowel movements. Its use is also effective for increased sexual desire with slow and weak erections. In such conditions, men may also have scrotum tickling and itching. Some men would also have a gonorrheal infection, hair loss, and weakness. 

Phosphoric Acidum 

This medicine for spermatorrheawould help with exhaustion and weakness after sexual indulgence. Some men would have this problem after they have mental, physical exertion or grief. This spermatorrhea treatment can effectively help with all kinds of symptoms.

These homeopathy for spermatorrhea medicines would help with effective results and proper treatment. You can use it for effective results that can be sound enough.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are no doubt the best spermatorrhea treatment you can find. Some top methods of treatment would even help by totally removing this problem. 


Its use is effective for nocturnal emissions, spermatorrhoea, and PE. It helps by improving sexual health and removing sexual debility. You can use it to improve semen density. Additional benefits include low libido problems.


MajunSalab is effective for sperm count and helps thicken the seminal fluid. Its use can help the male sexual organ and enhance sperm count. You can also use it to improve hormones secretion.


This spermatorrhoea treatment (jaryankailaj) can help leucorrhoea in females and nocturnal emissions in males. Its use would help you with calcium deficiency and benefits spermatorrhoea. Additional benefits of QursSadaf include help for sexual debility and excitation of seminal vesicles.


LabubKabirAjmali is helpful for spermatorrhoea symptoms (jaryankialamat) and works to remove debility. Its use is effective for the brain and muscles and helps increase sexual vigor. Its use is also effective for kidneys and helps male part rigidity, seminal viscosity, and semen quality.


SafoofQalai is a specialized medicine for spermatorrhoea, and it helps with PE as well. You can use it for dilution of semen and increase semen production. Its use can help involuntary ejaculation and seminal discharge. This medicine can help in male sexual dysfunction. Using it can also help with hormonal imbalance, stomach issues, and physical fragility. You can use it for premature ejaculation as well.


This article was all about symptoms and treatments of spermatorrhoea. We talked about some top homeopathic medicines for this problem. Moreover, we tried to figure out the best allopathic medicines for this problem. Caladium seguinum, GalseniumSempervirens , and Nux vomica are some of the top medicines for this problem. 

The use of herbal remedies can help with all kinds of male health problems. That is why their use can help with spermatorrhoea problems. You can try using them for symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, emissions, and others. Herbal medicines can help asstomach pain medicine options. These medicines would solve the problems with effective solutions.

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