Types Of Flower Arrangement And What Is Arranged Flowers Called? Find The Answer Here

A flower arrangement known as a flower bouquet is a collection of flowers arranged into a perfect shape. Flower arrangements are used for weddings, where the bride brings a bouquet as an accessory.

Flower arrangements are used as room decorations by using vases. Or it can also be used as a congratulatory gift for a moment of celebrations or special occasions.

With so many moments and events that use flower arrangements, flower business players create various types of flower arrangements. What are arranged flowers called? Here is the explanation.

1. Hand bouquet

Most women like to be given flowers by their loved ones. In addition to being a gift for someone’s birthday or to celebrate Valentine’s Day, hand flowers are also very widely used.

You may often attend wedding receptions at the end of the event where the bride and groom throw hand bouquets to wish all the bachelors to get married soon. People also use hand-flower arrangements for the graduation ceremony.

Generally, the size of this hand flower is not too large. It consists of dozens of flowers of the same color and leaves arranged using wrappings of the same color. Anyone would love to receive a gift of hand-flower arrangements.

2. Flower arrangement board

One or two-meter board with a decorative flower arrangement around it and the words in the middle, What is arranged flowers called? The answer is the Flower arrangement board.

This flower arrangement is quite popular when someone gets married, opens a new branch office, or even as a sign of mourning for someone who has left or died.

Have you noticed the color of the flower arrangement board adjusts to the situation and conditions? For celebrations, flower boards are usually brightly colored like red and orange, but to express condolences using darker colors like black and blue.

3. Table flower arrangement

Generally, this flower arrangement is placed on the dining table to warm up the dinner atmosphere. Flowers will be in small vases or pots filled with water, to keep them fresh.

Not only for the dining table, but the work table can also be decorated with flower arrangements, but with fewer flowers and can be counted on the fingers.

Flowers on the table have been proven to cool the mind so that they are more focused at work.

4. Standing flower arrangements

This flower arrangement usually found along the red carpet leads to the aisle. Standing flower arrangements are held up by pots or irons that are as tall as humans. There are some variants of standing flower singapore.

Standing flower arrangements add to the festive atmosphere and become a must-have decoration at a wedding.

If you need Standing Flower Arrangements you can buy or check the information at FlowerAdvisor.

Types Of Flower Arrangements Based On The Shape Of The Pattern

In addition to the four types of flower arrangements, you can also identify the name of the flower arrangement based on the shape of the pattern. What Are Arranged Flowers Called? Here is the explanation.

Pyramid flower arrangement

A pyramid is a series that we rarely see but exists. The base is triangular and very high. It is usually used for table centers. You can get this beautiful arrangement at the Flower Advisor.

Dome flower arrangement

The containers used for this type of arrangement are best at medium heights. The dome series is an all-around arrangement with an equal distribution of flowers around it.

Unlike the classic dome series, the interpretive dome series looks more stylish. It is not completely round and there are fewer flowers but more rows and spaces. This series has more design elements and is one of the favorites of the florist team at the Pesanggrahan Flower Shop, South Jakarta.

Crescent flower arrangement (Curve)

This arrangement is also known as a curve arrangement. A series of curves is quite difficult to construct because it is asymmetrical. The proportions should be balanced from which angle you are looking.

 The weight must also be balanced so that the arrangement is stable. The opposite of a crescent arrangement is an inverted crescent arrangement.

Horizontal flower arrangement

A horizontal arrangement is a low arrangement, but the length is usually two times the height. A classic horizontal series is symmetrical, which means it has the same lengths on both sides. In addition, the placement of flowers is mirroring on the other side.

An asymmetrical horizontal arrangement is what we call a horizontal interpretive arrangement. It has more design and character because flowers have their individuality. And because it is asymmetrical, the length on both sides may not be the same. Let me give an example of horizontal interpretation.

Inverted T-Flower arrangement

T-Inverted is a flower arrangement in the shape of the letter T, but upside down. It looks like a series of triangles but is slightly different.

A classic T-Inverted arrangement would be something that has the same type of flower on three sides. While the interpretive inverse T is an asymmetrical arrangement. The length on one side may be different from the other.

When we start to understand the meaning of the form of flower arrangements, we will appreciate it more than before. And it can be using for various room decoration purposes and even as gifts to mothers, friends, girlfriends, partners, customers, and others.

Maybe you have seen various forms of different flower arrangements in special events or moments, but you never know what is arranged flowers are called?.

Hopefully, the discussion about flower arrangements in this article can make your curiosity disappear.

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