What are spring leaves called?

Spring leaves are those plants that have a peak period of growth when spring arrives. Naturally, plant life is affected by the surrounding weather conditions. Changes in the weather itself can occur due to the change of seasons.

For areas with a temperate climate, knowing four different seasons in a matter of one year. Spring is one of the four seasons in question. People often welcome this season with feelings of joy.

Extraordinary happiness may be motivated by the spring factor, which generally comes after winter. We all know that winter often brings many trials. Naturally, many people are enveloped in a feeling of euphoria when spring comes. Spring is like a moment to bounce back to glory after a storm of adversity hits.

Such a philosophy does not only apply to human life. The realm of plants also experienced the same thing. Many plants struggle to survive in winter. But, once winter ends and spring arrives, the plants find their hope again to grow and bloom beautifully.

Yes, there is an assumption that spring is a tremendous blessing for the plants. Various types of plants that wither to death in winter bloom again throughout the spring. They are plants with these characteristics, commonly called spring leaves.

Maybe you don’t know how the life of spring leaves really is? You may also not know about the types of spring leaf in the world? For those of you who are interested in learning more, please read our summary below.

The Life of Spring Leaves

It is easy for humans to recognize the signs that spring has arrived. Keep in mind that spring is the season after the winter period ends. The most unmistakable signal that can be felt then comes from the air temperature condition. The wind that blows, the cold is no longer such stinging layers of the skin.

If humans do it this way, what about the spring leaves? There are several plant species whose systems are similar to those of humans. They can also detect the arrival of spring by capturing the stimuli of temperature changes.

Some types of plants can automatically sense the difference in air temperature between winter and spring. They suddenly found the surrounding temperature getting warmer. They feel this condition for days. Finally, they realized that winter was over, spring had come, and now was the time to grow.

However, the actual process is not that simple, especially for some types of spring leaf, which are less sensitive to changes in air temperature. They have another method of detecting the arrival of spring. They don’t focus on signs by way of warmer air temperatures.

We will try to make the explanation as easy to understand as possible. Basically, the process is rather complicated. So here’s the thing, some spring leaf use a substance in their body called Phytochrome when they want to detect the arrival of spring.

In short, Phytochromes make plants more sensitive to the duration of the night. Approaching spring, usually, the nights will feel much quicker than usual. When Phytochromes pick up on a signal, plants automatically know that spring has arrived. They began to grow and bloom again.

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Charming Types of Spring Leaves

It is difficult to say how many plants the growth period is at its peak during the spring season. Basically, spring is a season that brings blessings to plants’ lives.

Ajuga is one type of spring leaf whose beauty is very enchanting. The growth period lasts throughout the spring to early summer. This plant, also known as Bugleweed, can emit elegant blue flowers. Many flower lovers are loyal admirers of the beauty of Bugleweed.

Another type of spring leaf that is no less enchanting is Brunnera. Their growth period occurs around the end of spring until summer. The hallmark of Brunnera lies in the color of its leaves that emit a green color decorated with silver patterns. Interestingly, in the middle of the leaves, can grow a kind of tiny blue flowers that are really beautiful.

Epideum also includes charming plants whose peak growth period occurs throughout the spring. Unlike the previous types, Epideum only lasts its beauty throughout the spring, not until the early summer. This plant can produce flowers with bright colors that present an aura of joy.

Next, there is a plant called Euphorbia. This plant has another term that is more commonly heard, namely Spurge. Peak growth of Euphorbia occurs throughout the spring until the beginning of summer. When growing, Euphorbia can bloom stunning flowers. They are also suitable to be cared for and planted in the yard of the house because the maintenance method tends to be easy.

That’s the explanation we can give you. Spring leaves with captivating beauty actually have many more types. In essence, they can all thrive throughout the spring and radiate their beauty to the fullest.

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