What Makes An Event Stressful, and How To Avoid It?

You might have witnessed various jobs shelved into the high-stress category, but event management falls in the top ten. It is a job never free of stress points, and event planners are always on the run. It has been the trend for the last decade, and it is not going anywhere. A survey revealed that event coordinators have a stress score of 51.15%, which is quite too high. However, the stress is manageable if you go the right way. This post will uncover a few points which make an event stressful and how you can avoid them. Keep reading to know more!

Event Stress Points:

Event planning has always been a demanding activity, but effective planning will always win the race. We have disclosed a few points which make an event stressful. Let us go through them! Various factors will contribute to making your event a high-pressure and stressful job, but you need to watch out for them.

i) Unrealistic expectations:

Event planning becomes stressful when your audience demands unrealistic outputs. Sometimes, your audience expects you to do magic in the event industry and pull off the unreasonable. It is a point where you feel stressed since you cant meet their expectations. Your event budget might not cover what your audience wants you to, which leads to chaos.

ii) Physical demands:

If you think event planning is a 9-5 easy job, you better rethink! Event planning requires you to put your time and energy into the planning and set things up. You might need to pay a toll on your health as you should sacrifice sleep and cut down leisure moments. All these physical demands make event planning stressful. However, it would be best to join hands with professional event companies in Dubai to minimize stress.

iii) Tight deadlines:

Holding onto impatient clients for throwing things up right at the promised time is a stressful job. Your work-life balance would be skewed as you would have to invest more time and energy into meeting your deadlines. The delivery pressure is probably the worst of the lot.

iv) Lack of control:

Desite putting extra effort and energy into event planning, you are unsure what will happen on the event day, and hence you can’t control it from now. You might have spent days preparing contingency plans, yet you may fail to control the unforeseeable events. This aspect makes event planning more stressful, and coordinators often fail to deliver on such fronts.

v) Continous interruptions:

Your event productivity can be adversely affected through constant interruptions. It might not sound like a striking issue but it can be if not treated well on time. For instance, you are busy with a critical task, and something gets your mind off it. You would require to invest time and effort to get to that point again and get going.

How to Avoid These Stressful Points?

Here comes the sweet part of our story, how to overcome these issues? You would be surprised to know that stress is contagious, and dealing with it effectively can help you save stress and time. Here are a few techniques you can follow to stay efficient during your event planning and avoid stress.

i) Use of technology:

The technology could be your best friend, and it is always here at your disposal. It would be best to utilize event management software, design a website, streamline your registration and advertise your event on social media platforms. Using technology can give you and your team a needed space to relax and do things with a calm head.

ii) Work with reliable people:

It is imperative to trust the team you are working with. Event planning takes a reliable team that can look after critical tasks for you. Who but professional Event companies in Dubai can help your cause? Having them on your side will make things easier for you. Moreover, they are specialists, and you can trust them with almost everything.

iii) Use checklists:

It has been one of the most overlooked and underrated strategies in event planning but using checklists is an effective step. You don’t need to worry about forgetting essential tasks if you have a checklist of recurring events in your hand. Making bullet points of all the things at hand will help you manage your time well.

iv) Manage your time:

Not meeting the deadlines is a major cause of event failures, and it comes due to time mismanagement. It would be best to schedule and prioritize your tasks to save time. Moreover, you better ask your team to go on a defined time schedule to wrap things up before time.

Pull off an exceptional event with specialists!

Event management has always been tricky and challenging, but not if you join hands with the right partners. Professional event organizers can help you pull off a memorable event which your audience will remember. Consider hiring them for your next mega event!

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